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This is a really good friend of mine, who has had her cartilage stretched for 2 years now. Things like this normally don’t happen with her, seeing as she’s so good at caring for her piercings, and modifications. She used a silicone plug that had bacteria on it, and.. Well now she’s got a cat butt hole on her ear.. 

So far past dead at the “She’s got a cat butt hole on her ear” HAHAHAHA.

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  6. diey0ung-saveyourself said: Cat butt on cartilage I didn’t think that was possible.
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  8. taniasugarzombie said: I thought cartilage stretches either collapse or shatter. Well it’s collapsed….and it’s not cat ass, it’s cat intestine. That’s gnarly. I’m not usually squeamish, but that nearly made me lose my lunch…
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    Oh my gah!!!
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    So far past dead at the “She’s got a cat butt hole on her ear” HAHAHAHA.
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